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Comprehensive Medicine

Providing care When you need it.

Caring For Patients of All Ages

Dr. Yates is a West Texan, dedicated to caring for West Texans.

Experienced, Dedicated

A Lubbock Doctor with extensive experience in critical / urgent care.

Fitness Doctor

A doctor who understands athletes and physical fitness.

Marissa Yates, M.D.

Hello prospective patient! If you are looking to establish care with a physician or you are just looking to get a new one, then look no further!
Dr. Marissa Yates is a Lubbock physician providing primary health care services for the West Texas region.

Are you living in the Lubbock area and looking for a family physician? Do you need a place to take your precious family when they are ill? Come and see me, Dr. Marissa Yates, at the Lakeridge Medical Center. You can either drop in or schedule an appointment with us. My staff and I are dedicated to providing you with a caring and professional environment. Please review the rest of this website for more information.
Dr. Marissa Yates’ medical practice encompasses four major areas: primary care, occupational medicine, medical weight loss, and urgent care. Dr. Yates also treats sports-related injuries.


I’m moving to a new location! Read more about my up-coming in this Spring on my medblog.

Lubbock Area Employers

Employers. You can trust us with your employees. Occupational Medicine is something we specialize in. We have extensive experience in the world of Occupational Medicine. We know that businesses cannot be productive when their hard working employees are not of sound mind and body. Our goal is to provide a personalized recovery plan for each injured worker with one common foundation: a quick and effective recovery. The other physicians and myself adhere to a strong “back to work” philosophy – often, on light duty at first and then to full duty as soon as is safely possible. We realize that every work environment is unique and strive to meet the individual needs of your company.