Lubbock Urgent Care

We know you will at least remember the emergency room bill if you ever needed to be seen there. One of the reasons for the long wait in emergency rooms these days is the misuse of emergency rooms for non-emergent complaints.

What is Urgent Care?

Remember the last time you were really sick and needed to get in to see your primary care physician and they couldn’t fit you in for several days?

This is where physicians like Dr. Yates are able to fill in the gaps for much-needed patient care facilities and treat those non-life threatening urgent illnesses or injuries at a lower cost and with less of a wait to you and your family. Unfortunately, the ”appointment only” model for most Lubbock area doctors’ offices simply cannot meet the needs of many patients in an urgent care situation. Dr. Yates, her colleagues, and staff are here to see you on any day that you need to be seen for an acute illness. You can avoid the excessive wait times in the neighborhood and hospital ERs and save yourself a considerable amount of money as well by coming to see us instead. Dr. Yates employs on site X-ray and laboratory facilities available which allow us to treat sprains, strains, fractures and a wide variety of other conditions. We are also able to provide repair of minor and some complex lacerations as well as burn care. We are happy to see those who may not be able to get in to see their primary care physician or do not feel they require hospital emergency services.

Patients with an urgent care injury or complaint are given priority at the clinic when they arrive.